NetApp ONTAP Cloud Licensing

If you’re looking to deploy an instance of NetApp’s ONTAP Cloud in AWS or Azure it’s important to understand the licensing models. Not only does it effect the size and performance of your instance, but it also effects your bottom line.   Pay-As-You-Go Pay-as-you-go licenses are charged on an hourly basis along side the cost […]

Data Domain: DDOS Replication Version Compatibility Matrix (through DDOS 6.0)

For, I presume silly reasons, EMC hasn’t updated their public facing documentation pertaining to Data Domain’s system-to-system replication compatibility matrix (in relation to the various DDOS releases)(what a mouthful)(phrasing). Their public facing doc, KB459943, only covers up to DDOS 5.5. Here’s the updated chart, straight from EMC, now covering DDOS 5.6, 5.7, and 6.0*. As […]

Licensing an Avamar System

Here’s the procedure to add a license to an Avamar server as of 4/1/2016. This only needs to be ran on the Utility node, is non-disruptive, and takes very little time. The only delay you might run into is reviving the relevant info, and the license itself, from EMC. Generating a License Key Information File […]